Xnecview - animation of a dipole

[xnecview showing animation of currents, charges and fields]
The above picture shows how several quantities on and near a half-wave dipole vary in the course of time. These quantities are indicated by different colours, as follows: The dipole itself is on the Y axis, in the bottom left corner of the picture. The electric and magnetic field strength has only been calculated in the first quadrant of the YZ plane. Because of symmetry, extending the calculation to other positions would not add anything significant. Although this is not immediately obvious from the picture, the electric field vectors lie in the YZ plane, while the magnetic field is perpendicular to this plane. If you run Xnecview on your own computer, you can manipulate the view with the mouse, to see this three-dimensional structure more easily.

The NEC input file for the above is available here.

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