AO40TLMVIEW - decoder and viewer for AO-40 telemetry

AO40tlmview decodes the binary telemetry transmitted by the AMSAT-OSCAR 40 satellite. It provides an ncurses-based (i.e., text-mode) interface for browsing through the telemetry blocks. The telemetry blocks can either be read from a file (e.g., downloaded from the telemetry archive), or received live through a TCP or UDP connection to a demodulator (see below). Furthermore, it can produce simple graphs of the telemetry, either through gnuplot if running in a graphical (X11) environment, or as a crude ASCII graph when running in a text environment.

Many aspects of the functionality of AO40tlmview have been inspired by Stacey Mills W4SM's telemetry program P3T for MS-Windows, as is probably clear from the screenshot:

The current version is 1.04, released 2003-07-20. It can be downloaded (source code and documentation) here. The major changes since version 1.02 (2001-10-26) are the following:

If you want to decode telemetry that you receive directly from the satellite, you will also need something to demodulate the 400 bps audio signal into a stream of bits that ao40tlmview can display. There are three soundcard-based AO-40 demodulator programs available for Linux:

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